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Why Lakeland?


Why choose Lakeland for sustainable footwear?

Good for your feet. Great for the planet.

Made Responsibly
Fully Waterproof
Natural Rubber
Cruelty-Free & Vegan
Ultimate Comfort
Organic Cotton
Made In Sri Lanka
Sustainable Wellington Boots

Sustainable Journey

Inspired by the pastoral countryside, Lakeland footwear is the epitome of British culture and heritage. Influenced by the lifestyles of the agricultural and equestrian communities, Lakeland rubber wellingtons boots are created to withstand the rugged terrains of the rolling hills of the UK and beyond. At the centre of its focus is the classic British inspired design combined with meeting the expectations of the adventurer who sports them, be it at the farmyard or festival.

As a result of the collaboration between our R&D and design teams, Lakeland footwear was conceptualized and created using natural rubber from the island of Sri Lanka. Natural rubber is sourced from plantations that adhere to strict guidelines that make re-forestation and social responsibility at the core of their business. Additionally, it provides a consistent source of income to the rural rubber farming communities of Sri Lanka.

Sustainable footwear from Lakeland

And thus was created the ‘Lakeland Wellie’ – designed and hand crafted in Sri Lanka with meticulous attention to detail. Organic, sustainable and natural, these boots are crafted to be stylish and long-lasting – thereby reducing their carbon footprint. Lakeland boots are made for everyone who enjoys the outdoors and are guaranteed to keep your feet comfortable, safe, warm and dry.

As a modern and innovative brand, we at Lakeland are committed to creating footwear that leaves a minimal carbon footprint on the environment.


The Environment

The shoe manufacturing industry produces large amounts of greenhouse gasses that contribute to the already grave effects of climate change and global warming. Conventional shoes are made out of many different kinds of synthetic materials that make them non-durable, non-biodegradable and extremely hard to recycle. Components break down very slowly, releasing toxins, chemicals and fossil fuels into our surrounding environment, including our already vulnerable oceans.

The Lakeland team was inspired to create a positive change in the world and focused on using plant based, renewable resources for their raw material.

Why is Lakeland footwear good for your feet and for our planet?

Lakeland Wellington Boots

Made Responsibly

Proud to be positively impacting the world by making footwear in a socially and environmentally responsible way.


Let’s face it – typical British weather can leave you soaked to the bone! That’s why we made sure our boots are manufactured using the latest technology that keeps your feet warm and dry.

Natural Rubber

Our rubber is ethically sourced in Sri Lanka in a certified plantation making our brand sustainable and helping to empower rural rubber farming communities on the island.

Lakeland Wellington Boots

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

No animal or human is harmed in our entire manufacturing process. Our team works under the highest ethical standards and we guarantee a safe, secure and inclusive working environment.


The ultimate game-changer. With contoured footbeds, our Lakeland range of wellington boots provide optimum comfort with their superior rubber cushioning – hugging the foot in all the right places and creating better stability for your feet.

Organic Cotton

Our boots are lined with organic cotton, adding to your ultimate comfort.

Lakeland Wellington Boots

Made in Sri Lanka

Made with care and attention from a tropical island that knows how to do it right!


To be a trusted brand for people who love adventure and the outdoors.


To create classic footwear that is comfortable and durable to withstand Britain’s rugged terrain and unpredictable weather.

To build a brand that focuses on sustainability, high ethical standards and the use of renewable resources; thereby supporting rural rubber farming communities in Sri Lanka.

To evolve into a recognised brand that is top of the list for anyone who loves an outdoor adventure!


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