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Why Wellies Are the Best Outdoor Footwear

What Are Wellies?

Wellies are world-famous rain boots named after the Duke of Wellington. The story goes that the Duke asked his shoemaker to make changes to the rather tall and unwieldy Hessian boots that were all the rage in the eighteenth century. 

The shoemaker made the boots more close-fitting to the leg and chose soft calfskin as the material. These changes made the boot more comfortable, durable, and resistant to rainy weather. 

He then cut down the size of the original boots, so that they only went midway up the calves, and voila! The “Wellington” boot was born. While the Duke’s boots could be worn for outdoor activities and semi-formal functions, today’s Wellies probably wouldn’t cut it for a bridal shower these days.

Perfect for Outdoor Activities

Nowadays, everyone owns (or should own) at least one pair of Wellies—and for good reason. These shoes are waterproof and highly durable. With so much rain in the UK, Wellies are your best bet for outdoor footwear. They can be your feet’s best friend, whether you’re exploring pebble beaches, hiking on muddy trails, or you find yourself outside after a snowfall.

Wellington boots are easy to slip on and off, but they won’t come off in the middle of your jaunt through the rain. They also have grippy treads on the soles, so you can be confident in your footing on slippery surfaces where flats or trainers would struggle. 

If correctly fitted, a Wellington boot can keep you from sliding around, even when running across uneven terrain. Best of all, you should be blister-free on your return home.

Many Varieties to Choose From

There is an incredible variety of Wellington boots, with a type available for every outdoor activity. If you are walking in a muddy area, over-the-ankle boots are the perfect choice. If you’re facing heavy rain, Duke-of-Wellington-style boots that rise mid-calf are the way to go. You can even get Wellington fishing waders so you can stay dry in the middle of a pond.

They are great for showcasing your personality! Traditional Wellies were black or olive drab, but nowadays they come in so many colors and patterns that there is no reason not to have rainbow, glittery, houndstooth, or animal-print Wellingtons. You can express yourself and add some brightness to a rainy day—every time you jump in a puddle you’ll smile when you look down and see your gorgeous, reliable Wellingtons!

Sustainable Wellies

Although Wellington boots are ubiquitous in Britain and Ireland, the process of making them has not always been eco-friendly. Traditionally, you couldn’t recycle them once they reached the end of their days. Of course, that gave them a considerably long lifespan and meant they were relatively easy to repair.

Thankfully, sustainable Wellies are becoming increasingly available. Now, through Lakeland Footwear, you can purchase boots that are made from ethically-sourced rubber sustainably produced in Sri Lanka. They are cruelty-free, vegan, and completely waterproof. And, thanks to an organic cotton lining, are exceptionally comfortable. 

Final Thoughts

Wellington boots have long been a staple in the British countryside. But, they are at home in any part of the world so long as you expect to be traveling outdoors!


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