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Welly Care Guide & Tips

Welly Care Guide & Tips

Looking after your wellingtons can be quick and easy.

Give your wellies a little bit of TLC with our cleaning & care tips. After a while, even the shinest and best wellies will show some wear and tear, whether they’re caked in mud, sand, or something unidentified – we’re here to save the day! Giving them a spruce up from time to time will not only prolong the life of your wellies but will save you doing one big clean when it’s too late!

It might seem like quite an obvious first tip but it can easily be forgotten. The best time (and the easiest) time to clean your Wellies is whilst the mud or muck is fresh! Grab yourself a cloth and give your wellies a wipe down, or if that won’t cut it, grab the hose and give them a soaking! Just come from the beach? It’s even more important to get the salt and sand off of them right away to prevent any damage to the materials. 

Don’t forget the buckle!
Lakeland wellington boots come with a buckle on the side, make sure to give these parts a good clean to prevent any buildup and rust, especially if they’re regularly exposed to saltwater. 

Don’t rush it. Leave your wellies to dry naturally, somewhere well-ventilated will help speed up the process and you can even stuff them full of newspaper to help dry the insides. Just avoid the radiator as rubber doesn’t like extreme temperatures and can dry and crack!

Wellies like to be stored properly. A nice cool and dry area is perfect. Just try to avoid any extreme temperatures (a hot greenhouse or freezing log shed!) Here’s a little tip – to stop your long wellies from folding over when they’re not being worn, stuff them with a little newspaper or some old tea towels and voilà!

There are plenty of extra steps if you want to go the extra mile to care for your wellies. From boot bags for storage to some silicone spray to heal the rubber and provide extra protection against the rain, mud, sand and anything else that mother nature throws at you and your boots! We do not recommend the use of solvents or other chemicals.

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