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Care Tips

Simple Advices for Your Lakeland Rubber Footwear

  • Buy slightly larger size than your actual shoe size, then you have more space for thick socks. Also our footwear has insoles fitted which can also tighten the fitting.
  • However if you have any problems with fitting shoes, then please call us, so we can try to help and guide you.
  • All feet are different! All shoes have different fittings and feet change over time!
  • If you have high instep or perhaps wide foot joint or maybe bunion then it is certainly better to buy a bigger size. You can always wear a thick sock to take up any extra space inside the boot.
  • The lasts (forms) used in our footwear are designed to be larger than normal footwear, in order to accommodate thick socks. Although with our padded or fur linings it is often possible to wear normal socks and still have warmth +comfort from the linings.
  • Our very high repeat order business speaks for itself as regards comfort and value for money with customers over the last 20 years.



More Caring Tips for Rubber Footwear

  • This type of footwear is used outdoors in all sorts of conditions and receives far more wear and tear than normal outdoor footwear.
  • Rubber galosh boots are essentially to keep your feet dry, and should be used in normal outdoor activities.
  • They are not suitable for excessive exercises where stronger footwear should be used.
  • Rubber ages so these care tips perhaps will enable you to long use the product.
  • We recommend that the footwear is washed regularly to take of the muck and dirt (and after winter the salt that is on the pavements/roads). Then after wash, spray with something like furniture polish, which can further clean the rubber and upper material.
  • Then puts a layer of silicone onto the footwear to slow corrosion of the materials.
  • If not for regular usage, please wash and spray the footwear and put back into a plastic bag away from the light. Also don not keep in cold places such as a garages over winter.
  • If working with animals the footwear must be regularly washed and sprayed to clean off animal muck which is very harmful for rubber.